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Thank you for visiting our booth at AAOS. Below are example videos for your review: 

Patient Education & Story Videos.

We design, direct, shoot and edit a portfolio of patient education and meaningful story videos for medical practices nationwide. Each of our four video topics has a specific purpose. Together they build trust and confidence in your practice and in your physicians. They increase the speed and efficiency of educating your patients which improves their experience, and saves you time. As part of a marketing effort, they also increase traffic of your preferred procedures driving more revenue and profit. 
  • Practice Showcase - Physicians, Staff & Services Overview. This video is the ideal way to introduce your practice to new patients and is perfect for your website homepage. It demonstrates the warmth and professionalism your patients can expect, and helps them feel more comfortable prior to their first visit.
  • Physician Profile  - Meet the Physician. Healthcare can feel transactional and even cold to some patients. Meeting physicians can be intimidating. In this video, the physician shares a bit of their personal story and why they chose to be a surgeon. This humanize them to patients, making their first appointment together warmer, and less stressful. 
  • Patient Testimonial -  Story of Success. Patients love to hear from other patients who have completed the health journey they are on. It builds hope and confidence in the process and the physician. We film patients back with your physician sharing their inspiring story. 
  • Patient Education  - Procedures Explained. Surgical procedures can be scary for patients. Physicians can explain procedures using visual aids in a basic way that helps patients feel more educated and comfortable. Other topics can include Pre and Post procedure instructions. Physicians and their staff spend hundreds of hours per year explaining the same information over and over. We help systematize these steps and save your team time!
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