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Below are a list of questions that practices and physicians often ask at the beginning of this process.

Usually the most efficient "Next Step" is to book a zoom meeting with an Account Manager to talk through a potential project with us, and ask any additional questions you have. 

Common Questions.

How do we select Patient Education Topics for these videos? Consider educational topics that your physicians or staff are repeating daily. Using a video in this way can save your physicians time, and allow the patient to review the information before and after the appointment. Topics may include: 1) Anatomy & Procedure Overview 2) Pre-Surgery Process 3) Post-Surgery Process. Our Account Manager will assist you with defining the exact list patient education videos and topics best suited for your practice. 

How long will each video be? Practice showcase, physician profile and patient testimonial videos are typically around 2 minutes in length. Patient education videos range from 2 to 3 minutes per topic. Videos longer than 2 to 3 minutes are simply not effective. 

How can we use these videos? Once complete, your practice owns full rights to these videos and can use them on any platform. Here are a few "ways to use" them that may inform your planning. 

Are the “per video” fees all in? Yes. All travel costs (flights, hotels, meals, rental cars, etc) for the 5 to 10 person film crew, as well as all production expenses are included in our per video rates. That’s why there is a minimum order of 5 videos. 
Can I sign up for myself, and not my entire practice? Yes, you can sign up either way - Practice or Individual. Only requirement is a minimum of 5 videos.

Can we do this every year? Yes, many practices want new patient testimonials and patient education videos each year. Minimum order is always 5 new videos. Your Account Manager can work with your staff to plan more orders. 

Does Visum Media service outside the US and Canada? Not at this time.

Filming Questions.

How many people are in the  “film crew” that come to our practice? Depending on the size of practice and number of videos ordered, your film crew will range from 5 to 10 production staff.
Who from my office will Visum Media work with to plan the filming? Normally our Account Managers work with your Practice Manager, but they can work with any staff that knows the practice well.
How far in advance will we be scheduled? Once all of the pre-production is complete including gathering physician and patient photos and practice content, film dates are typically booked 1-3 months in advance. 
How long is the film shoot? Approximately 1 day of filming for every 5 videos. 
Do I need to close my office during filming? Some practices close for a half or full day, others set up separate filming areas within the practice. Your Account Manager will build your plan months ahead of the filming.
What if some of my staff or patients don’t want to be filmed? Staff and patients will sign “releases''. If anyone does not want to be filmed, they will be given a “Red Dot Sticker”. Our film team and editors will avoid anyone with this sticker. 
Who picks the patients for the testimonials? You and your staff do. Your account Manager will help you with this selection process as well as reach out these patients to make sure they are comfortable with the filming process well before the filming dates. 

I have more questions not listed here. We suggest that you book a zoom meeting with an Account Manager to talk through a potential project with us, and ask any additional questions you have. 

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