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12 Ways To Use Your Videos (Channels)

All of the videos we produce are in digital (MP4) format. They can be played on any device or platform. We encourage our clients to leverage many or all of these inexpensive and free channels listed below. Use them to get your patient education, marketing and story videos out to your patients, and the world. 

Included with each video package is a free consultation Zoom with our technical leadership. They will help guide best practices for implementing and leveraging these videos into your communication and marketing plans. 
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  • Website. Naturally, this is an ideal location for your new videos. Add your videos to related pages on your website. For practices, the showcase/overview video is perfect for your homepage. 
  • Email & Text. Most healthcare groups send out confirmation emails and texts to their patients. We encourage you to include links to these videos so patients can learn more about the practice, their physician and possible upcoming procedures ahead of the appointment. Patients need more education and warmth from most practices, not just confirmation emails with appointment time and paperwork they need to fill out.
  • QR Codes. See our Printed Cards - Having QR codes on the back of business cards, on flyers or handouts, scrolling on TV's in your lobby, etc can be an easy and free way to quickly point patients to video landing pages.
  • Waiting Room TV. Most  waiting rooms have a large TV. Use your TV to loop some of your videos. Educate and connect with your patients as they wait.
  • Patient Portal. Add your videos to your Patient Portal system to add education and warmth to an otherwise transactional communication system with your patients.  
  • Exam Rooms. Patients often sit alone for several minutes in an exam room. Having a TV or tablet in the room can allow your staff to play an appropriate video while the patient waits for the surgeon to start the exam.  "Meet The Surgeon", Procedure Explainers, Pre and Post-Op Instructions are all good options depending on the next step for that particular patient. 
  • Social Media. We highly suggest that medical practices engage in social media. Sharing patient education and patient testimonial videos can be a powerful (and free) way to get your message out. Happy patients will also share their testimonial videos on these social medial platforms that will drive new patients to your practice. 
  • YouTube. Google is #1 traffic search system in the world. YouTube is #2. Post your videos on YouTube so they can be found and watched easily. YouTube is another free way to leverage your videos and get more people to hear your teaching and stories.
  • Digital Marketing. If your practice is working with a digital agency that drives traffic to your website using SEO and/or Paid Search (Google Adwords), add your new videos to your landing pages to enhance the visitors experience and have more leads reach out to you. One of the fastest ways to grow a specialty is to aim Google Ads at a specific specialty (in a specific geography) and demonstrate using video that your practice excels in that area.  "Meet The Surgeon" and patient education videos are extremely effective on these landing pages. Your Marketing ROI (Return on Investment) will increase dramatically when you implement these videos. 
  • Referral Partners. If you have other medical practices or businesses that refer patients to your group, introduce them to your new videos and provide them the link and/or QR code to the videos. It will increase the percentage of patients that engage with you. 
  • Staff, Friends, Family & Past Patients. They are your practice's best advocates! Distribute your video links and QR code to them and watch the traffic to the videos and your practice increase. They are proud of you and your practice and will share the videos via text, email and social media. 
  • Recruiting. Recruiting for healthcare professionals is competitive. Share your video links with your HR team. Have HR include them within your job postings as well as LinkedIn profiles to attract the best talent. Professional videos enhance your brand to all audiences. 
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